What insurance review Honpo strengths? What is the difference with other insurance shop?

What insurance review Honpo strengths? ?

Consultation in insurance shop get lost in life insurance to choose.


It much right now there is a growing awareness of insurance shop.


Rising Among them is a familiar insurance review Honpo in Hokuto's CM.


Although insurance shop There are many, do you Is there a reason to choose the insurance review Honpo in it? ?


"Close to home"


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I think that certainly there's Tteyuu (laughs).


But, if there are strengths of insurance review Honpo otherwise, I think you think I would go out even if somewhat distant.


Let's take a look at the strengths of insurance review Honpo.


The point,


  • Number of shops
  • Take Qi hoken Clubs
  • Corporate insurance services


It is three points.


In ~ Let's take a look at each.

The number of stores insurance review Honpo?

The number of stores insurance review Honpo, in According to the official, August 2015


204 is a store.


This number is second only to the "insurance of the window" of insurance shop largest.


I "insurance point of contact" is an order of magnitude greater and 525 stores, but if still 204 stores, and simply divide by 47 prefectures, will be calculated from the more than four stores per prefecture.


Since it really concentrated store in the city center, we do not go into the calculation as expected, but ....


That said, you can see that a sufficient number of stores.


I think whether it can be seen that in the vicinity of your house if the search.


First, why not try searching?



How much I insurance review Honpo handling insurance company? ?

The number of life insurance companies that are operating in the country in May 2015, the


42 is companies.


Please refer to the following article If you want to know the details.


ManemoWhat's the deal with items I free consultation of insurance mammoth?


In, the number of insurance companies that are dealing in insurance review Honpo Will such how much? ?


Only greater the number of insurance companies that are dealing with, but it is that I'm happy because the choices will increase.


The number of life insurance companies that are handled by the insurance review Honpo,


It is 24 companies.


Life insurance is 24 companies, non-life insurance has become a 19 companies, it is dealt with products of an average of more than 40 companies insurance companies.


If you look only at the life insurance, we're dealing with items of more than half of the life insurance company.


But sufficient feel to see this number, and then compared with the insurance shop of the brand name,

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  • Insurance point of contact: 24 companies
  • Insurance clinic: 22 companies


Has become, the number does not have much difference.


In, its contents? ?


Strengths of insurance review Honpo is that you are dealing with a lot of domestic life insurance.


It is often not covered in other companies,


  • Sumitomo Life Insurance
  • Sun Life
  • Fukoku Life
  • Neo Fast Life (Dai-ichi Life is the parent company)
  • Fukoku trust life (Fukoku Life parent company)


Such has been dealing company of the goods.


For this reason, already decided to some extent want insurance products, if it is a commodity of the company, I think that may preferentially consulted with insurance review Honpo by.


In particular, it is Fukoku life.


Is very famous "wings of the future" of the child endowment recently.


If your child has come is, I think in many people are thinking the "wings of the future" in the first candidate.


Because we do not cover products of "insurance point of contact" in Fukoku Life's largest insurance review Honpo If the consultation will be recommended.


That said, it may not have insurance review Honpo near your home.


When was the insurance products of Fukoku Life,


  • Insurance clinic
  • Mitsubachihoke


Since it has dealt But, first why not try to find the insurance shop nearby?


Since the above-mentioned insurance shop also has a service that can be searched at once, please use it if you want.



What insurance review Honpo management for consulting services?

It to the general public is there would be no relationship, but as a major feature of insurance review Honpo is that you are doing the insurance counseling for management.


Managers and the general public will have changed the way of the use of insurance.


Or even because of the tax savings, or in preparation for the retirement allowance.


It also spread impact when there is that the chance until the employee as well as families.


For this reason, we do will be the insurance to choose in a different way of thinking and the general public.


Insurance will also be on the amount of the corresponding.


Insurance shop, which provides insurance free consultation of this for managers, only insurance review Honpo.


The person's management, wants to free consultation of insurance in the insurance shop, it is a very useful service for anyone who wants.

For strengths and weaknesses and of insurance review Honpo

The strengths of the insurance review Honpo, has been briefly described.


As point that I mentioned first,


  • Number of shops
  • Take Qi hoken Clubs
  • Corporate insurance services




The other features, as well as general insurance shops,


  • There is a business trip visit consultation services to the home
  • Aftercare is thorough
  • Unreasonable solicitation are not


is. In particular, there is no point that is inferior in comparison to other insurance shop.


But, as the weaknesses of insurance shop in general,


It is uneven to the person in charge


There is that.


This insurance review Honpo also was similar, the person in charge everyone does not have the FP qualifications.


For more information on the FP, please refer to the following article.


ManemoWhat benefits of using the FP (Financial Planner)? The first place I FP? ?


Briefly FP (Financial Planner) is an expert on households and money.


Although the expert, if there are national qualification and private qualification, and Dattari quality also actually Pinkiri of the person who owns the qualification.


It will also be folded those who do not have it put those who owns FP qualifications in insurance review Honpo.


It does not mean that great if you have to, who excellent Even if you do not have is folded many.


That said, It never hurts to have the qualifications, but it is I want to become the person in charge in the more detailed, if possible.


After also thing called human-like chemistry, I think that comes out absolutely.


But what should I do?


Recommended Nanoha, is to turn a lot of insurance shop.


Likely to encounter in Atari representative's by around a lot of insurance shop will increase.


In addition, you can assign a relative merits by comparing a plurality of personnel's.


I do not Regards to put Toka relative merits too much people, but it is a very big shopping I insurance.


For example, it is the "wings of the future" of the child endowment insurance that was just talk,


  • Contractor: your husband (30 years old)
  • Insured: child (age 0)
  • Insurance: 1.5 million yen (step type)
  • Insurance fee: 14,239 yen


If you want it,


¥ 14,239 (per month) x 12 months x 17 years = 2,904,756 yen


Next, it will be 3 million yen close to shopping.


Because it is the insurance of savings type, it will come back to more than money's Haraikon insurance premiums to be a closeout, but still is still a great buy.


To think that the shopping of 3 million yen, but it will be very cautious.


So I think that good.


Around the many shops as possible, to meet many of the personnel's, by receiving a description of the many insurance products, also more likely to come look really necessary security.


It may have some follow-up, but it is just want you to become the person in charge of a trusted person who can.


For this reason, we recommend that you turn a lot of insurance shop.


"That said, ... Do not it annoying to search for each one by one insurance shop"


I think that it seems to be.


Now there are services that can collectively find the insurance shop.


  • Insurance review Honpo
  • Window of insurance
  • Insurance clinic
  • Bees insurance
  • Insurance Hotline
  • Insurance Hundred Flowers


You can search for insurance shop, such as at a time.


First of all at once find the insurance shop near you, I think that from gone with the educated guess, may be considered from somewhere around.


Troublesome thing will do all at once, I think that you concentrate on the really important insurance to choose.




Insurance shop is also excellent service, but there is also a thing called the visit type of service.


FP and home and neighbors of the cafe, it is a service that will ride to the consultation of the insurance visit to your designated location.


In this type of service, it is by far the insurance mammoth recommended.


Only excellent FP more than work experience an average of five years is equipped so, merit is the origami.


Why is First try searching from reputation? ?


ManemoInsurance Mammoth reputation

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